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Fluid Management

Our fluid management program began in 2007 as a single manufacturing plant and has expanded to over 60 employees servicing sixteen different locations. Our mission is to reduce overall factory downtime and the various costs associated with manufacturing by taking a pro-active approach to managing both equipment and lubricants. We will work with you to implement a program that is right for you in order to help you more efficiently produce parts at a lower cost.

The goals of our program include:

  • Usage Management - Looking to evaluate and reduce your chemical spend
  • Recycling - Getting the most out of your product life
  • Product Recommendation - Searching for more cost-effective value-added solutions
  • Lubrication - Keeping your machines running

Vendor-Owned Inventory (VOI)
A typical customer has substantial costs associated with holding inventory. Lozier Fluid Management can assist you in determining the correct volumes and order frequency for your needs.


Lubricant and Coolant Recommendations
Are you using the right product? Are you getting the best value for your spend? Is there anything I can do to cut my usage? In working with multiple fluid and lubricant manufacturers we have a wide variety of manufacturers willing to help you and bring their technical assistance to your facility. By partnering with Lozier Fluid Management, you will have the opportunity to visit your spend and ensure you are using the correct product.

In-Plant Staffing
In addition to our Fluid Management Services, Lozier Fluid Management also assists with in-plant staffing. All of our employees are put through a specialized training program encompassing all requirements for a manufacturing setting.

Filtration Does your application have special filtration demands? In addition to our staffing, we have the ability to deploy a mobile unit to filter and/or dehydrate your used oil.

For additional information, please feel free to contact us using our website contact form or directly at 1-800-237-1862